Network Protection & Cyber Liability

At Everett Callahan Insurance Agency, Inc. we understand the liabilities associated with having information on the web and are dedicated to helping you find viable insurance solutions.

With our cyber liability and technology insurance your company will be better prepared if an issue arises. Cyber liability insurance is designed to meet the needs of software providers, online businesses, and e-commerce sites. We can mitigate the financial damage caused by inadvertent errors and omissions, system crashes, and privacy breaches.

At Everett Callahan Insurance Agency, Inc. we can help protect your business against:

  • Contractual Liability Costs
  • Forensic Audit
  • Card Replacement Costs and Related Expenses
  • Fraudulent Charges
  • Cyber/Network Breaches
  • Physical Loss
  • Employee Theft

In this day in age, a web presence is vital to the success of your business. Unfortunately there will always be liabilities associated with the online world and other forms of technology. Give Everett Callahan Insurance Agency, Inc. a call today to learn more about how your small business can protect itself against internet liabilities.